“Sabrina's Virtual Fitness Program is everything! As a small business owner and someone who works from home, it makes working out so seamless and easy. I love that the workouts are quick and give you a nice sweat at the same time. Since Sabrina is always switching things up, the workouts have a refreshing feel to them so you never get bored of tired of doing them! My favorite part about the program is the access I have to Sabrina. She is like your virtual trainer and fitness coach all in one. She communicates with you often via a shared google document so during times I had questions or needed modifications, like when I hurt my wrist, she would give me varied ways to approach different movements. Really, I am so grateful to have found her and her program because it makes daily exercise nonnegotiable while making it fun!

-Jen W.  (Virtual Workout Plan) 

“I first met Sabrina 5 years ago when my body was in full-on ‘crisis mode’, my upper back had been injured in a car accident, and I was having trouble just carrying our small kids around the house. I had tried countless physical therapists, cortisone injections, and even acupuncture... with extremely frustrating results. Sabrina was able to break the negative cycle- she got me comfortable working out again by introducing exercises that focused on movement, posture, and core, and eventually working my way back to weight training. Now well beyond my injury, and in the best shape I’ve been in since high school, I am working out with Sabrina more than ever. She has become an essential part of my weekly regimen- a testament to how effective she has been in motivating me to stay healthy! ”

- Gil S.   (Personal Training)

“Sabrina recently created a nutritional program to help me battle weight gain and my unhealthy sugar cravings. She spent extensive time with me getting to know me and my lifestyle in relation to my diet and triggers for my unhealthy eating patterns. She then created an awesome plan that provided healthy substitutions that never made me feel like I was on a diet!!!! I still always refer back to the plan and make healthier choices overall thanks to the education she gave me. She is incredibly understanding, supportive, and realistic... AMAZING at what she does! Thanks Sabrina for improving my life!”

- Amie R.  (Nutrition Consulting)

"Sabrina is an amazing personal trainer and fitness expert who challenges with care. However, it's her combination in the gym with the nutrition and diet expertise that really boosts your energy levels and the physical results you've waited for." 

-Colleen M. (Personal Training)

"Sabrina prepared me for every phase of my pregnancy. She customized my exercise routine every time we met to account for where I was at in my pregnancy and how I was feeling, so I was able to work at the right pace for me. With my history of back problems, Sabrina kept me strong throughout my pregnancy so I was able to carry the extra weight without any issues. She also had the foresight to prepare me for post-partum when I had to carry a growing newborn in my arms. She is wonderful to work with and truly cares." 

- Tina K. (Prenatal Personal Training)

“I have worked with Sabrina for four years and honestly, I don’t see her as “just” a trainer, she is more like my life coach. Sabrina takes a wonderful holistic approach to her work and has helped me on every level from fitness, to overall well-being. I have had several health issues over the past few years (not related to my training) and Sabrina has been by my side through all of my trials and tribulations with tremendous kindness, support, encouragement, fabulous recommendations and workout work-arounds to keep me active and keep my spirits up. She has tremendous passion for the work she does (honestly, I don’t think she thinks of it as work at all) and is always engaged and learning within her practice. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she has my very highest recommendation. ”

- Megan W.  (Personal Training)

"I have been doing Sabrina's virtual workout program for a few months now. My favorite things about the program are that it is flexible and you can do them on your own time. I love that it is personal - in the beginning, I told Sabrina that I started to use the gym more often, so she started adding moves I could do at the gym as well as home. Furthermore, it has provided me with knowledge to improvise when I do need to do it at home - there are always back up moves to do if you need something less or more intense. Overall, the best part is improvement- there's honestly nothing better than being able to do things you could not do before- that goes for increasing weight over time and feeling stronger. The fact that it is personal separates it from any program I have ever done - I am able to confirm and verify what muscles I should be engaging in any given move and ALSO, it's never the same which is way more FUN! If it is not obvious already,  I highly recommend you try it and spice up your routine! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 

- Sarah L. (SFAN Virtual Workout Plan)

I’ve been working out and guiding my own nutrition on my own for years. I’ve gotten routines from bodybuilding.com, magazines, etc. but it’s hard to know if those routines are really right for my body type and fitness goals. This year I’ve changed it up and have been working with Sabrina as a consultant to design 8-week, 3-day a week, gym routines for me to do on my own and report back. Since we live in different towns, we often do Skype meetings to check-in and go over new plans. I’m halfway through the year and the results have been fantastic! The workouts are great and nutritional tweaks she advised me on have really done the trick. Long story short, I have a legit set of abs for the first time in a decade, and they’re only getting better along with the rest of me. Having a coach is the best move I’ve made in a long time. Thanks Sabrina! ”

- Jeff M.  (Virtual Health Coaching)

"I just completed my third month using Sabrina's virtual workout plan. Without close access to a gym with full-time childcare, I was looking for high quality, time efficient workouts that could fit into my varied schedule. Each week delivered four workouts which required nothing more than dumbbells and an exercise ball. I appreciated the variety of exercises and difficulty levels. Sabrina's demonstration videos for each exercise show proper technique and helped me tremendously. After six weeks, I definitely felt stronger. Week twelve has brought definition and tone that I did not have prior to using her virtual workouts. Sabrina communicated quickly and always had encouraging words. I'd highly recommend her virtual workout plan."

- Kelsey M. (SFAN Virtual Workout Plan)

“As a Division 1 collegiate it is important to have top tier training to compete with the best. I’ve been going to Sabrina for the past three years and she’s provided me with all the tools to become a strong, competitive, and mentally tough athlete. I look forward to coming back every winter and summer break to train with her. She makes training fun but I also get a hard workout with it. I’ve noticed significant differences in myself as I am the strongest I’ve ever been after training with her.”

- Isabella G.  (Personal Training)

"Several years ago my regular workout routine included spin classes and the use of elliptical machines and treadmills. I felt like I was in relatively good shape for a 40-something-year-old. I began to experience lower back stiffness and pain, and assumed it was age-related and something that I'd have to live with.  At my wife's suggestion, and after being told I had a "weak core", I signed up for sessions with Sabrina and have become a convert. My back pain and stiffness was indeed reversible, and I give credit to my twice-per-week personal training sessions with Sabrina. Her workouts are balanced, focusing on all muscle groups and cardio exercises. Sabrina changes up the routine each session, and always seems to understand how much to challenge me. I'm glad I listened to my wife, who has also been a happy client of Sabrina's for over five years!"

- Colin F.  (Personal Training)

“Sabrina Hermansen has been my personal trainer for almost five years now. She is always organized and enthusiastic. She modifies your program every session to retain your interest. She understands your needs to be flexible and change training times. But beyond her thorough competence, she honestly cares about your health. And that is the most important attribute of a good trainer. ”

- David B.  (Personal Training)

"I’ve been training with Sabrina for four years now, and thanks to her, I am in the best shape of my life at the age of 40. Sabrina differentiates herself from other personal trainers in her relaxed but demanding style, personalized and thoughtful focus, and her holistic approach to healthful living. She is knowledgeable but also realistic and common sensical, and she genuinely cares deeply for her clients. She really goes the extra mile for them. Moreover, she is just a lovely, discrete and honest human being who is a pleasure to be around- even at 6am while sweating profusely during her workouts! ”

 - Jenna F.  (Personal Training)

"I have been a client of Sabrina's for over a year now and couldn't be happier with the results. I came to her with constant pain and regularly recurring injuries. Sabrina paid close attention to my body and goals and customized my workout plan accordingly. Her thoughtful approach has kept me injury and pain free while reaching all of my fitness goals. It was also important to me to avoid bulking up and keep my muscles as lean as possible. Again, Sabrina has been very careful in her choices of exercises for me in that regard and has helped to stay on track with that goal as well. Sabrina always has a smile on her face. Even when she is pushing you to work your hardest, she is an absolute pleasure to be around."

-Francie B. (Personal Training)

“Sabrina has been training our family for over four years. She has worked with my two daughters who have competed at a high level in volleyball in high school and in college. They loved working with Sabrina, so I joined in over two years ago and could not be happier with the results. Working out in a gym can get boring, but Sabrina has kept me motivated by setting challenging yet achievable goals. She helps me set up routines that we can work on together and I can work on when I go to the gym on my own. She also knows how to work around the lower back pains of an old guy like me. Since working with Sabrina I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years.  I highly recommend Sabrina to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer.”

- Mark F.  (Personal Training)

“I’ve been going to Sabrina for only 4 months now and have never felt better about myself! I came to Sabrina to seek a better fitness level for my athletic lifestyle and performance on the softball field. After the first two weeks I already saw a difference in not only my speed and agility, but also my strength. I could tell she believes in progression, and truly makes you believe in yourself! She knows your limits, but influences you to push those limits, which shows how dedicated she is to helping you change your lifestyle! The decision to go to Sabrina is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made, and has changed my life into a healthier one!”

- Olivia G.  (Personal Training)

"I originally reached out to Sabrina to help me lose weight, build lean muscle, eat healthier, and prepare my body for pregnancy. I had been recently diagnosed with PCOS, so I knew nutrition was going to be an important factor for me. She gave me great nutrition advice that truly helped me see results and was always diligent about checking in with me, in a supportive, but never pushy way. Shortly after our nutrition session, I started training with her and I was hooked immediately. I quickly noticed changes in my energy level, quality of sleep, and cravings – and it doesn’t hurt that Sabrina is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I have been seeing her 1-2 times per week for almost a year now and it’s absolutely one of the highlights of my week. Thankfully, a few months after I started working with her, my husband and I found out I was pregnant. This is my first pregnancy, so it’s been wonderful that Sabrina had recently become a first time mom herself and could share her experiences and advice. I’m convinced that my workout sessions with her have played a major role in having such a smooth pregnancy; there is an undeniable difference when I compare notes with friends who were not as active during their pregnancies. Our sessions have kept me motivated to eat healthy and to stay active throughout my whole pregnancy. Even my husband can tell the difference in how much better I feel on days that I’ve worked out with her. I’m now less than two weeks away from my due date and overall, am still feeling very good and working out with her consistently. I feel strong, confident and in touch with my body. After my son is born, I plan to continue working out with Sabrina as soon as I am allowed to. I can’t imagine having gone through this pregnancy without Sabrina’s guidance, workouts and friendship.”

- Liz R.  (Prenatal Nutrition Consulting/Personal Training)