“Working with Sabrina has changed my life! She was exactly the coach I needed to help me chase after the life I truly wanted. I originally reached out to her to help me clean up my diet and create a health plan that fit into my busy schedule as effortlessly as possible. I was feeling over-worked and constantly had low energy. She offered amazing tips and sooo much more. Instead of just focusing on what I was eating, we looked at the whole picture... stress, sleep, relationships, time-management, cravings, boundaries, work/life balance, mindset, etc. She helped me implement the self-care I needed, gave me the confidence to go after and land a better job, helped me realize what type of guy I truly wanted to date, and got me excited about a healthier routine. I feel so fortunate to have found her and now consider her a life-long friend.”

- Miranda M.

“I’ve been working with Sabrina for only 4 months now and have never felt better about myself! I could tell she believes in progression, and truly makes you believe in yourself! She knows your limits, but motivates you to push those limits, which shows how dedicated she is to helping you change your lifestyle! The decision to work with Sabrina is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made, and has changed my life into a healthier and happier one!”

- Olivia G.

"Thanks to Sabrina, I am in the best shape of my life at the age of 40. Sabrina differentiates herself from other coaches in her relaxed but demanding style, personalized and thoughtful focus, and her holistic approach to healthful living. She is knowledgeable but also realistic and common sensical, and she genuinely cares deeply for her clients. She really goes the extra mile for them. Moreover, she is just a lovely, discrete and honest human being who is a pleasure to be around!”

- Jenna F.

I met Sabrina almost two years ago right after I had my second daughter. Having back to back pregnancies did a real number on my body. I was in a funk wondering if it was even possible to recover/regain strength, let alone return to pre-baby weight. I spiraled with the combo of lack of sleep, late night snacking and a self sabotaging mind set that (us new moms) know all too well. Sabrina took the time to hold me accountable, she checked in on me and we set obtainable goals together. She changed my mind set around "good or bad" foods so I don't feel the urge to overdo on foods I use to feel guilty eating. I have lost the weight but more importantly she is exactly the support I needed to feel healthy and happy again for my two little girls.

-Heather M.

I worked with Sabrina over the course of a year after I had hit rock bottom with the effects of long-term binge and emotional eating. I was frustrated with myself gaining so much weight from falling off pre-packaged "brand name" diets over and over and just needed someone to "get me" and meet me where I was in my head in order to get over what was blocking me from moving forward toward my health goals. She more than got me, she knew exactly where I was coming from and why breaking out of my old unhealthy habits was such a struggle. Even though she's an expert she had no problem letting herself be human and vulnerable with me in our sessions, sharing her own past weaknesses so that I could trust her to hold my hand through our work together. She was able to see right through the BS I was telling myself in my head and industry-concocted diet rules I was holding onto that were preventing me from recovering. She used both science and practical common sense to help me recognize what thoughts and beliefs had value and what were useless. This goes a long way for someone who has a dysfunctional relationship not only with food but with him/herself!
I truly appreciate Sabrina's holistic approach to health because I've learned the hard way that emotional and physical health and vitality are super connected and trying to separate the two just wont get you sustainable results. Sabrina is a great listener and uses all the information to give you a full and custom assessment of what your biggest issues are in order to focus the strategies on them. One of my biggest issues that I didn't realize was such a problem until I met Sabrina was sleep deprivation; she got me to tackle this head on and I'm so much better off for it! I love that she gave me action steps to implement each week, things that are easy to do but allow you to see growth and progress right away.
Sabrina genuinely cared about my progress and really understood the kind of approach that I needed which was a balance between cheerleader and tough-love. She got me to believe in myself and my own capabilities and to embrace that taking care of your body is a natural outcome of self love. As a result, I'm excited to say that I'm done bingeing and now prioritize my health and my body in ways I never have before. I work out consistently now and no longer have fear around making food choices. The new habits I've adopted and success that I've achieved through working with Sabrina has boosted my confidence overall which has even had a positive impact on other parts of my life as well.

-Dalia W.

“Sabrina has been my coach for over 4 months now. The virtual option is amazing since I am a busy, working mom of two young boys. This allows me the flexibility to check in with Sabrina while at home or when I'm traveling for work. The encouragement and guidance she provides has really improved my stress level, confidence, organizational skills and weight loss. I really look forward to her coaching sessions and the knowledge she provides! I would recommend Sabrina Renee Coaching to everyone!”

-Tonya B.

“Sabrina recently created a health plan to help me battle weight gain and my unhealthy sugar cravings. She spent extensive time with me getting to know me and my lifestyle in relation to my diet and triggers for my unhealthy eating patterns. She then created an awesome plan that provided healthy substitutions that never made me feel like I was on a diet!!!! I still always refer back to the plan and make healthier choices overall thanks to the education she gave me. She is incredibly understanding, supportive, and realistic... AMAZING at what she does! Thanks Sabrina for improving my life!”

- Amie R.

“Sabrina is truly beautiful inside and out. Working with her helped to reignite my passion and purpose in life. It happened so effortlessly as we were going through aspects of my life and health. She is so very passionate in everything she does. Her drive to be the best at coaching, nutrition, fitness and motherhood is very contagious. Sabrina has always encouraged me in a helpful, patient, knowledgeable way. It comes natural for her. No question or subject is too small or uncomfortable to talk to her about. We always work together so well. I feel blessed to have her in my life and highly recommend her!”

-Christine G.

“Sabrina takes a wonderful holistic approach to her work and has helped me on every level from fitness, nutrition, to overall well-being. I have had several health issues over the past few years and Sabrina has been by my side through all of my trials and tribulations with tremendous kindness, support, encouragement, and fabulous recommendations to keep me active and keep my spirits up. She has tremendous passion for the work she does (honestly, I don’t think she thinks of it as work at all) and is always engaged and learning within her practice. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she has my very highest recommendation. ”

- Megan W.

"Reaching out to Sabrina was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I originally contacted her after being diagnosed with PCOS to help me with losing weight, eating healthier, and preparing my body for pregnancy. What I gained from her coaching was so much more than I could have ever anticipated.
Sabrina is so knowledgeable, passionate, authentic, and one of the nicest people you will ever know. Her coaching was totally customized to me and my needs and it was flexible. She gave me great nutrition advice, created customized grocery lists, empowered me to set attainable goals that we could build on, shared recipes, kept me accountable, and helped me be more thoughtful and intentional with my food choices.
She showed me the importance of what foods/ingredients I was putting in my body and how to recognize how they made me feel. She was always diligent about checking in with me, in a supportive, but never pushy way.
Her coaching helped me see results, but more importantly she truly changed my mindset about food, nutrition and my relationship with my body. She gave me invaluable tools that I use daily. I am forever grateful for Sabrina”

- Liz R.

"I have been a client of Sabrina's for over a year now and couldn't be happier with the results. I came to her to improve my health and deal with constant pain from regularly recurring injuries. Sabrina paid close attention to my body and goals and customized my sessions accordingly. Her thoughtful approach has kept me injury and pain free while reaching all of my health goals. Again, Sabrina has been very careful in her choices of exercises for me in that regard and has helped to stay on track with that goal as well. Sabrina always has a smile on her face. Even when she is pushing you to work your hardest, she is an absolute pleasure to be around."

-Francie B.

“I started working with Sabrina a few years ago when I was looking for an alternate option to fitness than constantly going to the gym for hours just to waste money on lack of results. Sabrina completely reshaped my body with virtual workouts I was able to do in my living room and how I looked at nutrition. She kept me accountable while giving me tips to improve. She designed a program that fit MY needs and MY busy lifestyle. I’ve never felt more confident as I did on my wedding day because of her. 

Then, I got pregnant. While it is supposed to be the happiest time of my life and I am so blessed to be pregnant, I started gaining weight fast, suffered from sciatica pains and, worse of all, struggled mentally with having to adjust my roles at work since I am not able to travel as much. I felt as if I was losing my body and my career so I turned to the one person who has always been there for me – Sabrina. She started working with me as a life coach to get me back on track. She reminds me it is okay if I cannot do it all so do what I can today and try again tomorrow. Sabrina really is the full package because she can help me with all areas of making myself a better person. She makes me happy and healthy and I couldn’t do it without her. I am so thankful I have her.”

- Alicia M.

“As a Division 1 collegiate it is important to have top tier training to compete with the best. I’ve been working with Sabrina for the past three years and she’s provided me with all the tools to become a strong, competitive, and mentally tough athlete. I’ve noticed significant differences in myself as I am the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever been after working with her.”

-Isabella G.

"Sabrina prepared me for every phase of my pregnancy. She customized my health and exercise routine every time we met to account for where I was at in my pregnancy and how I was feeling, so I was able to work at the right pace for me. With my history of back problems, Sabrina introduced me to the right exercises to keep me strong throughout my pregnancy so I was able to carry the extra weight without any issues. She also had the foresight to prepare me for post-partum when I had to carry a growing newborn in my arms. She is wonderful to work with and truly cares." 

- Tina K.